The future of life on earth is hanging in the balance of our actions. If we don’t make a change now, we will not be able to save our ecosystems, we will not have enough food to feed the populations, and ultimately, we will not be able to stop this world from crashing and burning. We are continuously choosing to remain in the dark about our impact on this planet despite access to ample information. The environmental center, Untouch, will provide an informed and sustainable lifestyle with an attempt to promote a “Just Pass Through” mind-set. We are all just passing through these places on earth and we need to reduce our ecological footprint. We can change the world. We must change the world.


The company Untouch represents a call to change. Untouch uses a leaf that forms into a circular symbol. The circle is meant to symbolize our impact on Earth as a whole. Untouch was created in Trastevere, Rome but plans to expand all over the globe. The unfinished circle represents our touch and our impact on the environment. The unfinished circle represents Earth now and implies that Earth could continue to disappear if we don’t make a change now. We can make Earth whole again.

Below you will find a poster series, an animated poster, a publication, a stationery suite, a website, informational handouts, and a facade.

Poster Series


Poster Animation



Stationery Suite


Website (Made with Invision)

Informational Handouts


Information: LeaveNoTrace.com, Envirocenter.org, and TheWorldCounts.com

Photography: Tiera Salitros (me)