My senior thesis focused on the combination of women’s rights and the great outdoors.

An ample amount of companies are committing to elevating and accelerating the diversity of leadership and participation in the outdoors. Many women have already taken the step, “They are turning their passions into their profession. Whether it’s leading groups in the backcountry or the boardroom, climbing big walls or corporate ladders, running marathons or businesses, these women are changing the face of the active-outdoor industries.” - Camber Outdoors

Women should feel comfortable and confident, especially when in the outdoors. Over the course of my semester I conducted a survey asking women broad questions about how they feel in the outdoors. From this survey I received many quotes of common stigmas associated with women. I separated my thesis into three different colors; red, yellow, and green. The red panels represent the common negative thoughts and quotes from women I found in my outside research. Yellow represents companies and organizations already making a change to accelerate the diversity in the industry. The green panels promote change and the continued growth of equality from the backcountry to the boardroom.



May 9, 2019

73 of my classmates and I displayed our capstone projects at the 2019 Senior Show located in Des Moines, IA. (A few hundred people attend this event.)

Each student was given a 10x10 sq. ft. space to display our designs. In my 10x10 space, visitors could walk around and interact with four sets of panels. The sets of panels were created with my parents old wood closet doors, colored acrylic panels, and a series of posters all mounted together on a piece of plywood. The colored acrylic piece can be physically moved by the viewer to interact different ways with the surrounding sets of panels. Finally, visitors could scan a QR code and sign the North Face’s Petition to make Earth Day a national holiday. After signing the petition from their phone, visitors could take a small photograph with information about my senior thesis on the back.


Information:, The North Face, REI, Outdoor Project,

Photography: Tiera Salitros

“I discovered Camber Outdoors a few years ago and I have been hooked on the idea of being a woman working in the outdoor industry ever since. I won't stop until I am making a difference in this world, whether that be in non-profit design, equality in the outdoor industry, or something else.”